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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Question Mark Bar, Stoke Newington

Exiting the station into dark unfamiliar surroundings, I approach two hipsters wearing what looks like vintage Yohji for directions. It turns out to be an hasidic Jewish couple taking the night air but in fashion forward Stoke Newington, who was to know? Not unsurprisingly, they haven’t heard of the Question Mark Bar, a new crèche for the bairns that made Stokie’s old Moustache bar such a hot destination last year. I discover it below Mc Quinn’s pool hall. As with the Moustache, it’s a pokey basement with a weeny bar attached. Entry is free and Turkish - Cypriot? Greek? (Cute!) - staff flogging bargain bottled San Miguel will even rustle up a cocktail if you will. Decor is basic - its walls plastered in cartoon comic strips -and seating is scant; no big deal for coolios channelling anything from Angie Watts meets Agy Deyn to Agadoo and jiggling to off the hook electro beats and indie remixes. Jumping the sardine can, I join the Smirts lighting up and flirting out back. An androgynous early Patti Smith tribute introduces me to her charge Marc (‘with a C not a K’), an over-sharing campy-trampy twig who informs me - like I care - ‘I’m not gay you know’ No, mate; you’re just out with your beard at the Moustache marc II.

Question Mark Bar, 129 Stoke Newington High Street, N16. 7682 1346