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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Book Club, Shoreditch

The Book Club is a new hive where Shoreditch creatives - ain’t they all? - convene for a spot of cultural cross-pollination. ‘Play me that Balkan-bhangra-fusion track I adore at Polka Club Presents and I’ll enroll you in my Death Drawing Workshop, dude’. The venue is the latest wheeze from the clever clogs behind the equally happening Queen of Hoxton and its events programme is sure to pull the Ponystep posse. Wonky-fringe ‘ditch bitches rock up for soirĂ©es such as  Live Art Battle where, to hip hop anthems, budding Basquiats compete to create a future Saatchi acquisition on giant blank canvases. Of course, all this cultcha’ is a thinly veiled excuse to get ratted which, at the official launch party, we do on cocktails Jolly Roger and Shoreditch Twat - the latter presumably a tribute to the pretentious prat my pal is lusting after through Tiger beer goggles. 'Roger that and you won't feel so jolly tomorrow' I caution, sternly. The joint  was previously Home and tweaks aside, it still feels a lot like Home to me. No bad thing, really. All-day eats are served at what looks like B&Q wallpaper pasting tables and Book Club’s brill beats cover anything from funk to the Fab Four - Paperback Writer, natch.

The Book Club 100 - 106 Leonard St EC2A 7684 8618