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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Citizen Smith, Putney (CLOSED now LOST

On the basis that Clapham’s Lost Society and its Battersea bro’, Lost Angel, are worth negotiating our erratic transport system for, I risk the District Line with its ‘signaling problem at Earl’s Court’ to Putney for a Peroni and a pizza at those bars’ new sibling, a postmodern joint called Citizen Smith. It’s a curious choice of name; wasn’t Tooting, not Putney, home to the comedy TV Trotskyist revolutionary of that ilk played by Robert Lindsay? According to the blurb, CS is somewhere for ‘the everyday Joe Blog’s (sic) to drink in.’ Although Peroni isn’t offered, Joe can slake his thirst on useful alternatives, not least palatable Yanks Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on draught and Liberty and Brooklyn Brown from a decent range of bottles. Cocktails, from £6.50, are not your stock suburban alco-flops. Order Port Daiquiri or The Fruit of 43 Virgins - a name that sounds worryingly like summat a suicide bomber might fancy as his last earthly pleasure. Or perhaps not; surely the fat slug of proscriptive vodka therein would debar him from paradise? Pizzas, if not quite heavenly, are about worth the dough although a £9.50 ‘Herbivore’ is a chewy chore. Full marks for novelty: bacon, black pudding, sausage, egg, cherry toms and scallion on thin crust? Up the revolution!

160 Putney High Street SW15 8780 2235

March 2013 Venue is now LOST - part of Lost Society chain