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Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Miller, Borough

This  Beezer of a lounge in The Borough looks to have been done out by The Bash Street Kids - yes, I know they belong in the Beano, you pub quiz anorak! But it's all the work of the gang behind  Bethnal Green's wonderful Sebright Arms. The sort of pub that makes me regret living among the mustard corduroy jeans and ribbed red socks with Lobbs loafers classes of K&C, The Sebright is one I'll happily cross town for. The same goes for its equally interesting attitude-free wee sister, a top gaff that's a whole mind-set away from the expensive corporate slick suit-magnets at its near neighbour, The Shard. You’ll find craft beers, artisan perry and ciders and lots of pocket-friendly vino,  and scran courtesy of Jun Tanaka’s Street Kitchen, purveyors of pimped-up provenance-assured gourmet/ gourmand hot dogs such as Boston hound and American pit-bull, its bite as good as its bark. Don't dig dogs? There's wings an' ting. Live music from emerging talent is a regular draw upstairs, and - budding Brandon Flowers nota bene - there’s even a rehearsal studio in the basement. Rockaoke-style singalongs, indie dance DJ sets, comedy nights, theatre, and ping pong are further reason to make for The Miller if you reckon Bermondsey Street is a bit up itself these days.

96 Snowsfields SE1 3SS 7560 6640 

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