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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Snacks That Ate Britain

Crisps, nuts, chips and olives aside; what were your favourite bar snacks of 2012? My nationwide (cheese) straw poll for METRO finds out.  

1 Scotch egg  - best served warm with a squidgy yolk, your top bar snack again... 274 years after it was invented at London’s Fortnum & Mason
2 Hot dog - and champagne - as at Bubbledogs, London W1- so very 2012, darling! 
3 Pork pie and piccalilli - nearly as old as scotch egg. In 1799, The Times carried adverts for the Indian style pickle that is great with Melton Mowbray pie. 
4 Beef sliders - Invented in 1916 in Kansas; all the fun of a burger at ¼ of its calories
5 Cheese-stuffed Padrón peppers - and chorizo, calamari, patatas bravas, etc, etc. Does Britain have more tapas bars than Spain these days?
6 Nachos - the Tex-Mex mushy mound that refuses to die.
7 Pint of prawns. Another heritage snack still going strong.
8 Fish finger sarnie - with tartar sauce. Down a few places on last year’s chart position but still yummy.
9 Buffalo chicken wings - one word. ‘Really?’
10 Homemade sausage roll- staging a comeback after years in the foodie wilderness.