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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mother Kelly's, Bethnal Green

A tagged mural, featuring a classic yellow Chequer Cab, recalls bombed-out Bronx tenement gable ends circa Grandmaster Flash's White Lines. There’s nothing remotely flash about this stripped-bare, railway arch set with refectory tables, however. What is grand about this chilled new US-style taproom and bottle shop - that's 'offie' to you - is a back bar beer wall whose spouts dispense two dozen amber gems. Hop-hedz will salivate over the prospect of Kentish pints Alpha State Red Simcoe and Larsens Pale,. Also worth a swallow, are Oregon light bock beer Rogue Dead Guy, Sleemans Honey Brown, Schneider Weiss, and various London craft ales on tap. A palisade of packed fridges contains more interesting thirst slakers: Dutch artisans De Molen’s Dood and Verderf and Amarillo for starters. Also on tap, are Mortimer’s Orchard cider, Prosecco, and house wine at £4 a glass. Basic cocktails such as Aperol spritz are offered and a selection of single malts includes Hebridean hero, Bruichladdich. Olives, pork pie and meat and cheese boards are also available at a bar whose name derives from 60s drag diva Danny La Rue’s iconic music hall song. Mother Kelly, late of Paradise Row, would be amazed to have such a place on her doorstep.  
251 Paradise Row E2 9LE  Twitter @Mother_kellys