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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Celebrity Juice

Celebrity fragrances are big business. For stars keen to extend their brand, so too, it seems, is having your own beer or spirit. For glampers, this summer’s must-do brew was ale-lovin’ Professor Green’s Remedy, a hit at the singer’s hip new London nightclub, INK. An American-style pale ale (made with 100% British ingredients) it’s available from Signature Brew who also sell Dark Heart, Ed Harcourt’s ‘Edwardian brown ale’ and folk-punk Frank Turner’s Believe. Mancunian rockers Elbow’s Build A Rocket Boys beer, meanwhile, is available at offies nationwide. Other celebs have jumped on the boozy bandwagon. Fashion victims may fancy Dolce & Gabbana’s Martini Gold, and vodkas by Roberto Cavalli and Ed Hardy. Tequila fans might try Cleo Rocos’ fine new Aqua Riva or George Clooney’s super-premium 100% blue agave Casamigos (£68.50). The latter is available at as are Marilyn Manson’s suitably Gothic absinthe, Mansinthe; Pharrell Williams’ girly liqueur, Qream; Old Whiskey River by country legend Willie Nelson; vodkas by Motörhead and P.Diddy (Ciroc); and, in its cult glass skull bottle, Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head which, gauging by his live jam at Shoreditch bar NOLA this summer, is sleb juice to get any joint jumping.

Fantasy Celebrity Brands I’d Love To See

Geordie Shore Trampagne; Poire; Cointreauversy by Prince; Geri Halliwell’s Spiced Ginger Whine; David Beckham’s Golden Bols; Henry Holland’s  - Camp ‘arry; Patsy Palmer’s Martini Bianca; Pete Doherty – Babychambles; David Bowie’s Gin Jeanie; Keith Lemoncello. 

Original article appeared in METRO 24.9.13