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Friday, 3 May 2013

Lazybones, Farringdon

"Lazybones, sitting in the sun, how you gonna get your day's work done?" asked Jonathon King in his 1971 cover of the old American classic. That was back in the good old days when no kiddie was safe from Britain's clandestine army of paedo pop-stars and gropey-ropey TV personalities, now exposed on a daily basis in a tsunami of lurid tabloid revelations. Ex-jailbird King's question might well apply at new Smithfield bar, Lazybones, whose sun-trap courtyard tables and keenly priced food and drink offer might tempt Clerkenwell creatives to bunk off for the afternoon. American diner styling and cartoon graphics circa Happy Days set the tone. Order Yankee brewskis from Dixie and Lonestar, wine from under £16, espresso martini, maple old-fashioned, and popcorn from a retro counter-top machine. As custom now demands, 'fast, fuss-free, lip-smacking food' (a description I'm not about to take issue with) - such as BBQ wings, falafel wraps, hot dogs, brisket and pulled pork sandwich and slaw - is served from the back of an old van; in this case in a trompe-l’oeil of a 1950’s Citro├źn camionette. Paris, Texas, then? Apparently, the soundtrack can be programmed, by you the DJ, using a special app. Perhaps not dodgy Jonathon's greatest hits, one of which ,Loop di Love, he released under the pseudonym of er, SHAG. (relive the grim old days here )
Unit 5 Cowcross St EC1M 6DQ