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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Perkin Reveller, The City

Escape the milling throng at the Tower of London for informal canteen Perkin Reveller. In its cosy lounge bar with its handsome ancient stained glass window, you’ll find quaffs not aimed at your typical snap-happy matron from Minneapolis. Although given the drinks on Perkin Reveller's list - Smoked Clover Club, Bronx,  Martini, Aviation (£7.50), Martinez - you'd be forgiven for thinking London dry gin was an American invention. For an authentic taste of Hogarthian London, order Noggin or Somerset Flag Punch (Chase apple gin, lemon. spices and beetroot juice) -  one of various punchbowls to share (from £8.50 per person) that also include The Siege of Thebes and The Wife of Bath’s Tale. Non-juniper-based ideas include Mint Julep and Bloody Mary - the latter, an entirely appropriate call given the enemies of the Tudor queen, a notorious hot head, frequently lost theirs hereabouts. In the absence of potted head, or 'hough' as we Scots know it, order quail scotch egg, smoked eel fish cakes, and pork crackling (£3) with a pint of Meantime brewed down river in Greenwich. The view of London olde (the Tower) and new (the shitty Shard) from the venue's belvedere terrace is picture postcard perfect. Now, if only the clamouring hordes would bugger off back to Bangkok, Brisbane, Berlin, Beijing, Bolton, Birmingham Alabama or wherever they bloody well belong, this would be riverbank bliss.
The Wharf at The Tower of London, EC3 3166 6949

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