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Friday, 30 March 2012

Cable, Kennington

Describing himself as an ‘accidental entrepreneur’, Craig O'Dwyer, the jocular owner of Waterloo Lambretta lad hangout, Scootercaffè, devoted six months and much imagination to his second pet project - transforming a once decrepit Lambeth greasy spoon into a funky neighbourhood café/bar that oozes charm from its dark timbered walls. Found in French flea markets, car boots and bankrupt 1950s espresso joints in Trieste, the seemingly random recycled components of Cable’s witty magpie decor include a covetable Nouvelle Vague red Moka sign, gleaming 1961 Faema coffee machine and a distressed old mural - a reproduction of William Powell Frith’s satirical 1850’s panorama of Derby Day that hangs in Tate Britain. These combine to quirkily atmospheric effect creating a vibe that is part Old John Bull, part The Talented Mr Ripley, all set to live jazz swing from The King’s Cross Hot Club each Tuesday from 7pm. Kir and ‘Breton’ (cider and crème de Cassis) appear alongside classic cocktails such as Rob Roy, Negroni and Whisky Sour (£7), and there’s Ricard, Picon, vino, cake, coffee, free newspapers and flavoured sheesha to smoke on a teeny rear patio. Female staff are friendly, cool and very, very cute. A small cinema is planned in the basement and nu-London-on-Sea (aka Hastings) is next in Kiwi Craig’s sights for a third such bar. Lucky them.
8 Brixton Rd SW9 6BU 8617 9629