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Friday, 27 January 2012

2011 London's Best New Bars (or not)

Yes, it's almost Spring 2012 already and you've been  impatiently asking (well, all seven of you anyway) for my list of London loves/loathes 2011. Sorry guys,  I've been  a) fighting off the January lurgy b) attempting to file my tax return c) busy checking out this year's early crop of contenders and d) against all expectations, been captivated by Celebrity Big Brother and its mesmersingly awful, Borgia-esque twins, the Playboy Piranhas. Apologies for such tardiness but this is what my two brain cells remember of last year.

Bar of the year: ZTH

Picture perfect: Gilbert Scott

Sexiest swallows: Happiness Forgets

Coolest cocktail menu: St James Bar, SW1 (review pending)

Most ridiculous decor: Amaranto

Most fun with your clothes on: Drink Shop and Dance

Most disppointing: BOB

Best alfresco: Vista

One to watch: Lucky Pig

Great happy hour deals: DM2

Burgers and cocktails: nope, not THAT one. I preferred this

Best local: get ye Up The Junction

Best for beer bellies: Craft Beer Co

Funkiest pop-up: Dishoom Chowpatty Beach

Most Mad Men-tastic: Salvatore's at The Playboy

The one I feel I should love but somehow don't: TWSWS

Never again! (Not even if you slipped me Fred The Shred's bonus): Piccadilly Minger

Yes, I know some of these are technically late 2010 openings.  2 many bars 2 little time. I am working on cloning myself in 2012. 
  LOVE LOVE LOVE ZTH (above)  Picture: Square Meal