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Friday, 20 August 2010

Cristal or Pomagne? You decide.

Paris Hiton could soon be feeling the pinch.  A hair-raising $39 million lawsuit has been filed against her for allegedly wearing a rival’s blonde extensions while apparently contracted to promote another brand Weird, that; surely there's nothing remotely fake about the American er, hair-brained heiress? Anyway, the litigants reportedly view her party lifestyle as ‘public debauchery’ and, by extension, contrary to their agreement. That’s rich! Who did they think they were hiring? Mother Theresa? Surely every girl has the right to let her hair down - her own or acrylic- outside the privacy of her own Beverley Hills pink palace now and again? So I’m pleased to hear Paris is not taking it lying down - unlike in that dodgy video a man in Stepney tried to flog me off the back of a lorry claiming it was her 'getting a well good seein' to' - industriously promoting other business ventures, presumably to stave off potential financial armageddon. There’s her second album ($30 dollars or so in royalties, there, surely?), her tenth perfume, ‘Tease’,  and a new shoe collection which, given the size of her boats, should guarantee the drag queen dollar. But it may be too little, so perhaps her official BBFF (British Best Friend, Forever) could organise a whip round: Pakistan’s plight pales into insignificance when Paris faces partying on Pomagne, too poor to pop Cristal.  Donate wisely!