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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Slim Jim's Liquor Stores, Islington

If you do just one bar on Upper Street, make it this darkly-lit speakeasy.  Slim Jim’s is the sort of bar you’d normally need to cross the Atlantic to experience. With its butch brick walls, ruby neon signage, 1950’s soda fountain bar stools and conspiratorial booths, the diminutive SJ’s is blue collar LA circa JFK. Tear into quality Irish whiskey (e.g Powars & Tyrconnel); single malts; rum (Zacapa) ; bourbon and anejo and reposado tequilas. Cocktails are cheap and fine;  get ripped on Rusty Nails and suffer an existential hangover tomorrow. Bergamot-infused vodka or fancy Asian nibbles  are not what you're here for. You’ll get peanuts if you ask politely. Musically, it's live acoustic sets or DJs spinning  50’s rock’n’roll and air guitar heroes  via swampy blues and country rock. Just-back-from-Woodstock barmen and cool lanks necking Elijah Craig and beer backs and looking like members of the Black Crowes? This rebel will also appeal to The Byrds.  

112 Upper St N1 7354 4364